How to Enable Galaxy S4 Auto Backup

Galaxy S4 Auto Backup

One way to prevent losing your important SMS, MMS, wallpapers and logs in your Samsung Galaxy S4 is by choosing to enable Galaxy S4 Auto Backup feature. This is very easy to do, as you will not need to download or install anything else. Just make sure that you have set up a Cloud storage account where all the data will be stored.

Steps to Enable Galaxy S4 Auto Backup

Here’s the procedure on how to enable Galaxy S4 auto backup:

1. Start off by going to the Home screen.

2. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.

3. Choose Settings.

4. Under the Accounts tab, scroll down to Backup Options.

5. Tap Cloud.

6. On the next screen, tap Backup.

7. From there, you will see the Auto Backup menu. You will see an “Off” indicator at the botton of the option if it is disabled. Tap the Auto Backup option.

8. Next swipe the slider switch to the right until it turns green to activate the Auto Backup feature.

9. Press the OK button when a confirmation message appears.

That’s how to enable Galaxy S4 Auto Backup which will let your device automatically store all your important SMS, MMS, wallpapers and logs in your Cloud storage every 24 hours. So, if in case you accidentally delete, or for some other reason, you lose some of your important data, at least you will have a way to retrieve them.

Whenever your phone automatically backs up, you will see the “Backing up device data” when you open up your Notifications Tray.

Of course there are other ways to effectively backup your device like using your SD card or through your computer, but with this method, at least you will no longer have to worry about doing it manually.

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