How to Disable Android Navigation Bar Easily in Nexus 10 Running KitKat

disable android navigation bar in nexus 10

For owners of devices with high specifications, the enhanced Android navigation bar of KitKat is a good addition. However, with owners of devices with middle range specifications (in today’s standards) like the Nexus 10, it can be such a drag when the performance issues start to occur.

Source of the Performance Issues with the Android Navigation Bar

Citing XDA Developers as a source, an article in TechRadar blames the problem to the very demanding system requirements of Android 4.4. Add to that the mid-level specs of the Nexus 10, which can only provide 1.7 GHz from its dual-core processor and a RAM that is equal to 2GB.

If you are really adamant in keeping your OS version, the best way to solve the performance issues of your device is by disabling some of its features such as the navigation bar and on-screen buttons. This will somehow lighten up the load of your processor and minimize performance problems.

Steps to Disable Android Navigation Bar and Other On-Screen Buttons

Thankfully, there is an easy way to disable the Android navigation bar of the Nexus 10 together with its on-screen buttons. Simply follow the steps here to do it:

1. Make sure first that you have root privileges to your device.

2. Then, download an app that will provide you an alternative navigation control. An example of this is the Pie Control app from the Google Play store.

3. Access the root directory of your Nexus 10.

4. Tap the System folder to reveal its contents.

5. Look for the file called “build.prop” and tap it.

6. A long string of texts shall be revealed to you. All you have to do is navigate your way down to the end of the texts and press the Enter key from your on-screen keyboard. This will create a new line where you can place additional texts.

7. Type “qemu.hw.mainkeys=1″ (without quotes).

8. On the upper-right corner of your screen, tap the Save icon and wait for the saving process to finish.

9. Go back to the Home screen.

10. Hold the Power button of your device to initiate a restart.

Once your device restarts, the Android navigation bar as well as the on-screen buttons will be gone.

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