How to Add Password on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

Additional security measures on your smartphone are vital to ensure privacy and secure personal information. In this post, you will learn how to add password on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite. Check out the full details below. 

Putting a password on your screen lock is a good thing to do. It ensures that only authorized people, other than you, can access your phone. It allows you to have more privacy when using the smartphone. 

In this world of technology where identity theft and other things are being stolen online, it is best to add an extra layer of protection. When a password is added on your Mi Note 10 Lite, some sensitive information cannot be accessed, unless the password has been entered correctly. 

Adding a password on your Mi Note 10 Lite device should be done after activating the phone. It is usually prompted during the initial setup, but if you haven’t done it yet, let this post guide you through. Simply follow the steps provided below. 

Steps to Add a Password on Mi Note 10 Lite: 

  1. Open Settings. Just tap the Settings app on your phone. 
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  1. Go to and select Password & security. Just scroll to the middle part until you see the option. 
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  1. Tap on Screen lock. Enter PIN if prompted. 
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  1. On the Change screen lock options, tap on Password. 
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  1. Set your password. It should be at least 4 or more letters or numbers. This will be used to unlock the device, so make sure to take note of it. 

Once a password is added as your lock screen security, you can enable the option to hide some sensitive information on the Mi Note 10 Lite. You can do that by activating the Privacy protection password. Simply go to Settings > Password & Security > Privacy protection password. 

That option should require a password every time private items are accessed. This is essential if you are saving some vital information on your apps, like your Mi Note 10 Lite’s note app. Thank you so much for accessing this post. 

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