How I Survived The Hospital With A Powerbag

Two weeks ago my chronic medical condition had me floored and admitted into the hospital in Baltimore while I was on business and meeting with friends and family. Now I’m a little different than the average PowerBag user however the Powerbag got me through.

I was already in travel mode, and on a long road trip so in the hotel room I had my Powerbag wheelie bag, my blue Ful Powerbag and my Android (army) green sling bag. Prior to getting very very sick I was traveling by day with my blue powerbag. I typically spend the day with one bag and the batteries from the others. I have two 9000mah batteries and one 6000mah battery with me at all times. I actually had a second 6000 with me when I went down.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this on TDG but the devices I was traveling with me on my person that day were the Samsung Galaxy Note (My Android daily driver), My HTC Desire, a white iPhone 4S, and a “The New iPad”. I need the iDevices for another project.

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When I woke up from being unconscious for quite a while my mom was by my side in the ER. Batteries were draining fast I needed to do something. I immediately started charging phones in my Powerbag.

Also the ER had stuck me with an IV in the most convenient place which meant it would be impossible for me to use the one AC usb charger I had with a traditional power outlet. I scooted over in the bed and was able to make room for my powerbag because you know devices are way more important than my health.

Because of the general worry about my health, and work schedules my mom wasn’t able to retrieve my regular set of charges and powerstrip from the hotel until late in the second day.

I was able to recharge the iPad fully and it lasted me until I could get a plug in charger. More importantly I was able to charge my phones and keep them charged multiple times. The Galaxy Note stayed charged throughout my entire stay only using the Powerbag. When I need to be mobile the Note runs this entire TDG operation.

At one point the first evening my mom, who’s a tad over 60 was freaking out because she only has a feature phone and the battery was draining. Fortunately it’s an LG Envy with a usb charger. Voila her phone charged too. She was quite impressed that I had this magical charging device with me at all times.

Now I know I have a lot of batteries but keep in mind this was 3 days without any traditional power. The standard backpack battery will charge one smartphone from dead at least twice. The other batteries are both under $75. The 9000mah battery is an absolute beast. If you have a tablet you can charge the tablet form 0 once and throw in a smartphone for good measure. If you have multiple smartphones the 9000mah battery is all you’ll need.

The Powerbag allows you to charge multiple devices at one time. They include a 30pin iOS connector, a mini usb and a micro usb. They also include an auxillary USB port that can be used with most USB chargeable devices. You can also get a converter from mini usb to micro usb at Radioshack for like $1.00.

Go pick one up at