How do I Disable the Plugin Update Prompt For Firefox?

Ever get those annoying pop-up windows at the top of your Firefox browsers?  It has been happening a lot recently because of the updates from Java and Flash.  It could be other plugin updates that’s prompting these annoying pop-ups.  Here’s how I got rid of this problem.

1) In browser URL bar type in “about:config”

2) In filter bar, type in “plugins.hide”, the filter should filter down to these two below.  Double click on each to turn them on (i.e. true).



3) There’s no save button in Firefox, simply exit Firefox and open your browser again, that should do the trick.

4) If that still doesn’t work, in the filter search for “plugins.update.url” and change the value to any random website (I personally changed it to, it doesn’t matter what you change to as long as it stops checking for updates.

If all that still doesn’t work, I got nothing for ya…

Feel free share with us if you got any other tricks to combat this annoyance.