How Big Is The U.S. App Economy, Appnation Answers That Question In A Report

Appnation, the company headed by Drew Ianni that produces the Appnation conference has released a report on the state of the app economy in the United States. The report entitled: “How Big Is The US App Economy? Estimates and Forecasts 2011-2015”.

The report released Monday is fresh on the heels of the Appnation III conference that starts Wednesday in San Francisco.  Appnation is the largest independently produced executive level apps conference. It’s a must attend event for Thedroidguy staff.

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The report suggests that we will see significant growth in the app economy over the next three years

  •     The size of the US app economy will grow from $20 billion USD in 2011 to nearly $76 billion USD by 2015
  •     Smartphone ownership in the US will grow from 90M in 2011 to 180M by 2015, and tablet ownership will grow from 24M in 2011 to 84M in 2015
  •     US consumers spend significant time every day accessing the internet: one hour on smartphones, two-thirds via apps, and one and a quarter hours on tablets
  •     25 billion US app downloads in 2011 growing to 183 billion downloads by 2015 (Source: IDG)

The Appnation III conference kicks off Wednesday with a keynote by Facebook’s chief developer evangelist Doug Purdy if you’re interested in attending click here.