Houston We Have A Problem: Chamillionaire Cites Employee Education For Android Frustration

We’re going to get this out of the way in the beginning of the story this time:  Chamillionaire was invited to attend his second TechCrunch CrunchUp event yesterday. Why? Not because he is rap star but because he is a tech entrepreneur. His credits include investing in Y-Combinator start-ups including Disqus (which we use for blog commenting) and starting a tech competition at Stanford University.

During a panel with Android’s top UI guy, Matius Duarte, Chamillionaire expressed his frustration with Android saying that every Android phone he used sucked compared to the iPhone.  He’s apparently owned 4 or more different Android devices.  So obviously he wanted to give Android a good run for it’s money.

After some blogs took his question out of context and others dismissed him as just some rapper who doesn’t know any better Chamillionaire wrote in a blog post that he doesn’t think Android sucks, but he thinks that a lot of devices running Android aren’t that great compared to the iPhone.

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Chamillionaire goes onto express some frustration with the different employees he’s purchased Android phones from, writing:

“Every time I go to a store and buy an Android phone I take the advice of some employee who doesn’t really know any better. They always seem so sure that the phone that they are referring is the truth. Thats never really the case. Now im hoping that im gonna be a believer.”

I’m sure you realize that Chamillionaire is not alone in this frustration.  Education at the store level has been a problem in the wireless industry since the first Cellular One store opened.  Understaffed stores, rapid-fire online training pods and even Android fragmentation can be blamed for “green” wireless store employee who can’t correctly assess the needs of the customer.  Sales goals, long waits and timed interactions to earn a JD Power & Associates award can also be blamed for lack of customer education.

Even though T-Mobile stores are like a ghost town now, prior to the merger T-Mobile was consistently the winner of the JD Power award, one of the reasons was that engaged employees who really “got” T-Mobile’s customer initiatives would use the “as long as it takes, with a customer” mantra instilled at T-Mobile store level employees.  T-Mobile would have rather taken up extra time at purchase to make sure that customers left the stores with their questions answered rather than generating customer frustration, more calls to customer service and churn.

Of course as a celebrity Chamillionaire creates a different kind of customer experience.  Perhaps he’s made some wireless sales associates nervous or they just wanted to reiterate Chamillionaire’s decision even if it’s the wrong phone.  Obviously from trying 4 different Android devices he wants the right device and wants to use Android.

Google has told Chamillionaire that they will give him a phone that they think he will love.  According to his twitter that phone is the Nexus S, the same phone that Duarte uses. Chamillionaire seems to be looking forward to giving Android another shot.

I personally think condemning anyone for saying that the Android devices he used have sucked, after trying Android on four different devices, and is now open to trying another one, is a bit over the top.  I also think immediately disqualifying his opinion because he is a rapper is baseless (see above), would you discount Kevin Liles, Russell Simmons, Bob Johnson or even Magic Johnson’s opinion?

Chamillionaire adds at the bottom of his posting:

“Im [sic] don’t even think im picky when it comes to phones. Yall know I used to carry 4 phones that I liked at once. I liked them all for different reasons. Blackberrry and the sidekick. Some of these Android phones are the only ones I can say I just haven’t liked. Maybe I have just been getting pointed in the wrong direction.”

Source: Chamillionaire.com

9 Replies to “Houston We Have A Problem: Chamillionaire Cites Employee Education For Android Frustration”

  1. I am really glad that he is giving Android another chance. I
    don’t care if he is a rapper or anything that doesn’t matter here. What matters
    is the fact that he has probably not been getting the right phones and most likely
    bad information. Like i ALWAYS tell my friends “never judge Android by a
    lower end (possibly free with a new contract) phone, they are not the top of
    the line.” A lot of my friends have got frustrated with some of their
    Android phones and that was because they were the lower end ones. I then hand
    them mine “EVO” and they absolutely love it. I compare it to a few
    different things. 1. If you bought a care for $5000 and one for $40,000 which
    ones is most likely better. Well of course the more expensive one. The cheaper
    one is ok but probably doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the newer
    one. And also most likely what’s “under the hood” is better in the
    more expensive one. (I’m talking in general, i know that cars are differently
    priced and stuff, so i already understand). 2. I ALWAYS tell people when it
    comes to phones, computers, and stuff that you plan on having for a while to
    SPEND THE MONEY NOW. Ya i know that it can be a lot of money, but if you go and
    buy a crappy Dell laptop cause it was on sale for $200 then you’re gonna get
    what you pay for. My HP was $800 and iv had it for a while now with no problems
    at all. I know people that went and got the cheaper ones though and they have
    all these problems with it.

    Ok so i know i went off there for a second but my point is that he has probably
    not been using the best Android phones. And with the status and money he
    should. He has probably gotta some bad advice also in store. Idk how much time
    he has, but when i pay for a new phone i know ALL of the specs on it. I do my
    research, and also make sure that’s it’s what i want and going to operate like
    i want it to. So I’m just glad that he is not basing his decision one just a
    few probably lower end Android devices. I’m glad that he is giving it another
    chance, and hope he loves his Nexus S.

  2. I liked the last article where you guys said he dissed android big time then you guys dissed other tech bloggers as well and called them out by name. Sort of like: when the big guy is down, we all kick each other in the shins. Oh wait, we’re all on the same team? Oops!

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