7 Best Hidden WiFi Light Bulb Cameras in 2020

Security is one of the biggest concerns for people today. With some areas suffering from theft and other criminal activities, you can never be too safe. Keeping this in mind, security cameras can come in handy for these situations. But it’s equally essential to conceal them in a way that the outside world doesn’t know about it.

We see CCTV cameras attached in most stores as a means to stop people from stealing items, but hidden WiFi oriented cameras, especially in the shape of a light bulb, can be handy in catching thieves red-handed. Most of these cameras also come with live view, allowing you to use your smartphone to monitor the events of your store or home.

Hidden Light Bulb Camera

We’re going to talk about seven hidden cameras that can be concealed as a light bulb in any setting. These are suitable for indoor use as water or moisture might damage the internals of these cameras. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


This is a simplistic looking home and office camera that looks pretty much like a bulb, making it easy to mask it with your interiors. It offers 360-degree coverage, helping you get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings. It can also be used as a pet monitor when you’re away from home, helping you keep an eye on your home when you’re away.

It also has illumination in the form of a light, which might not be enough to replace your bulbs at home, but will still get the job done to some extent.

What’s better is that the camera has a microphone and speaker on board, which can help with two way audio when you’re away from home and need to communicate with someone there. There’s a motion detector here as well, which will alert you when there’s motion within the camera’s periphery. This is an excellent safety feature in place and can be found in most cameras like this.

There’s a dedicated app for the camera, which will let you use your phone as a viewfinder. A MicroSD card slot enables you to record longer videos without requiring an expensive cloud storage subscription.

Sengled Light Bulb

The Sengled Light Bulb will be an excellent addition to your home security system. This works as a lightbulb, but you can adjust it to almost any angle so that you can keep an eye on what you might consider being “trouble” areas. The adjustable rotating head can be adjusted at 360-degree, and the lamp holder ensures that you can monitor any angle you want.

This one streams in 1080p Full HD and even comes with motion-activated alerts and notifications.


XinAnx has a more normal-looking WiFi lightbulb, but it’s still pretty thick because of, well, the camera. It comes with a built-in fisheye lens that gives you a 360-degree panoramic view without blind spots. It’s great for adding security to your home, or for use as a baby or pet monitor.

This is one that you can genuinely rely on, because of the clear 2-way audio, Full HD 1080p video quality, and the infrared night vision. This one even supports remote talk and listen via the mobile phone app, making it the perfect home security bulb. You won’t miss a moment with this one, even if it’s pitch black.


This looks more like a bulb than the camera that we spoke about above, which means it will go well with the interiors of your home or office. It comes with two-way audio and a speaker built-in, making it ideal for communicating with someone at home (a babysitter, for example).

The camera can record for long intervals, and in the loop, meaning that it will overwrite older data to make way for new recordings. But if that’s a concern, you can always add a microSD card (up to 128GB) to make sure you get longer records without having to touch the camera.

It uses a wire-free arrangement, making it convenient to be placed in any bulb socket at your home or office. Much like the app we talked about above, this one too offers a free app to let you communicate and control some aspects of the camera.


This isn’t precisely bulb-shaped, but more like a piece of fancy decorative lighting equipment. The functionality is all the same, however, so you won’t experience any difference in that regard. You get the standard set of features like two-way audio, a dedicated smartphone app, and a motion detector. In terms of onboard features, security cameras are pretty much the same.

The unit is slightly bigger, so it might not be the best camouflage if that’s your intention. However, if you’re looking for a security camera to place in your home or office, this will get the job done with ease. This camera records video in 960p, much like the other cameras we’ve mentioned here. There’s a night vision mode available with this unit, offering crystal clear recording even when there’s no natural or artificial illumination.


This is in line with a couple of products we’ve mentioned here and offers the same set of features for the customers. It appears as manufacturers can only change the pricing and the design to some extent to make their offerings stand out. The core functionality here is that it can record videos at 960p, while it also comes with a microSD card slot by default, letting you add cards of up to 128GB.

There’s a motion detector here, as well as a dedicated smartphone app, letting you monitor the camera from anywhere.

The camera supports 2.4G networks only, which is vital to keep in mind if you’re using a faster Wi-Fi connection at your home or office. The camera can record in 360 degrees, so you don’t need to get multiple units to get the best view of its surroundings.


This is the closest a camera can come to look like a standard bulb. It goes into a standard bulb socket, which in turn offers power to the camera. It requires a 2.4G Wi-Fi connection to work, which should be no trouble as most routers support this standard anyway. You will get night vision support with this particular camera, making it suitable for daytime as well as night time use.

The camera comes with a 32GB microSD card, although the manufacturer makes no mention of expandable storage. In theory, it should work just fine with bigger microSD cards as well. Naturally, it also comes with an app to let you monitor your surroundings using your smartphone or tablet.


As you can see, there is a handful of excellent WiFi-enabled lightbulbs with cameras attached. Most of these will work well, but you also need to be extra careful with them. For example, some of these don’t work with dimmers and can short the bulb out if you use a dimmer with it. That said, make sure you read instructions for proper use.

Hidden Light Bulb Camera