Update: Hootsuite being Updated back at 6PM PT

Yesterday Twitter lost some of their major celebrity tweeters counting for about 9 million twitter followers when they pulled the plug on UberMedia’s Twidroyd and UberTwitter apps for Android and Blackberry respectively. Yes those celebrity tweeters can easily use an official Twitter app and some have already started tweeting again but it was a landmark move made for “policy violations”

Many industry analysts, including thedroidguy, feel its more vented towards competing with others like UberMedia and now possibly Hootsuite Media as well.

Around 6pm Eastern Time Hootsuite went down with no explanation. Typically they are only down for a few minute and Hootsuite going down is far less than a Twitter fail whale.

Hopefully Hootsuite is just having a technical problem and will return later this evening. Currently Hootsuite and Tweet Deck (rumored to be in negotiations to be purchased by UberMedia) are the only apps that allow you to customize streams to your liking and a host of other features.

All of the apps built on twitter apis do force traffic and users through twitter so we aren’t sure why they aren’t playing nice with others right now. Especially some of the biggest twitter apps available

UPDATE: Hootsuite is taking an update from 3pm-6pm PT and will be back with new features.  We apologize for the confusion however most Hootsuite updates have been in the overnight hours in the past.