Guild Wars 2 sky-high sales achieved, new end-game concept projected

After the successful rectifications on prior in-game issues, the latest MMO fantasy game Guild Wars 2 is recently showing more signs of optimistic prospect. Over two weeks since its official launch, GW2 has already attained a sky-high sales record in which 2 million game copies sold out despite the 10-day online sales pause. Yet, it does not stop there, as ArenaNet recently talks about rethinking the end-game concept.

Two days after the game’s full release on August 28th, ArenaNet decided to halt its first-party digital sales and retail replenishment in order to ensure best possible online gaming experience to every customer. Knowing the fact that Guild Wars 2 is among the highly anticipated online games, hundreds of thousands of gamers are already expected to crowd new servers. Such high user concurrency rates eventually led to some network issues and delays, which apparently brought inconvenience to players. Anet has no choice but to halt purchases effective August 30th, as temporary remedy.

The halt on sales lasted in ten days.

Earlier this week, ArenaNet started selling the game again following the deployment of more game servers in Europe and North America. Added to this are a double number of its customer support agents enough to handle present and future customer issues and concerns.

In just a few days later, 2 million copies of the game were sold.

So far, the game is still seeing over 400,000 of concurrent players. Brief server delays may still transpire at certain point of time, but these are more likely caused by Anet’s scheduled game status/software updates. Overall, the game is already getting more stable and flawless.

Seeing Guild Wars 2 is finally doing well, the developer is now moving forward to making the game better than expected. ArenaNet is now talking about giving all GW2 players with the best possible MMO end-game experience. And it is going to be diverse.

ArenaNet is now in talks about rethinking GW2’s end-game concept.

Instead of following a pretty standard pattern like most MMORPGs do, Anet thinks of applying some dynamic changes into Guild Wars 2.

Contrary to what many people thought of when reaching the game’s maximum level of 80, the battles become more spectacular, circumstances become more dire, and dynamic events become larger. Enough variety will then be infused in all levels of the game so as to keep players engaged with a wide range of interests. As what Anet has previously noted, the endgame content is going to be beyond the customary model.

Full details of the developer’s projected endgame concept for Guild Wars 2 are available on the official GW2 website, labeled “The EndGame Reimagined.”

Sources: Game Arena | NBC News

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