GSMA: Mobile Connected Devices To Be A 1.2 Trillion Dollar Industry By 2012

The GSMA, Qualcomm and AT&T held a press conference on Monday on a rooftop at CTIA to talk about some very exciting numbers going forward.  The theme of the press conference was all about the Connected life and what’s to come from embedded connections, m2m, and regular smartphones and tablet devices.

Overall the GSMA, the group that puts on Mobile World Congress and a wireless industry association, announced that they anticipated the revenue potential for mobile connected devices to be upwards of 1.2 trillion (with a TR) in just 8 and a half short years.

The connected devices of course include regular smart phones an tablets but also e-readers, automotive wireless (like Android head units), in home communications, mobile health monitoring and even monitoring home and water usage.

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 The GSMA is looking for cross industry collaboration which is of course a novel idea and may work in every country but the United States.  PC Magazines Sascha Segan seemed to agree because as soon as the press conference opened up for Questions Segan brought up a key point and that cross collaboration would require interopability which of course doesn’t exist in the US.

Segan and others pressed the panel to find out if they would implement standards for cross collaboration and interopability however the GSMA representatives said no more than they already have. AT&T’s network chief, Glen Lurie, said that the GSMA wouldn’t moderate what happened within AT&T’s network.

If the figures released today are correct we have a lot to look forward to between now and 2020.