You Have Got to Watch This Newly Released Project Ara Video!

At the end of October last year, we got to know about a unique and plainly amazing project called Ara that Motorola (Google) was working on – a customizable phone that brings limitless possibilities to smartphones, and generally anything tech, by allowing customizations that include you, the end user, assembling your own phone.  Well, this was such a big thing but our hopes started to fade when very little information was coming.  The last solid update (rumor actually) was when we learnt the Ara could cost as little as $50 and Xiaomi quickly replicating and leaking it’s own version.

Project Ara Modules

Today, though, we get something special.  A backdoor video!  This doesn’t really focus on the device itself at first, but you must watch because you will pick bits and pieces about the device, and most importantly, you will get to meet the brains behind Ara.  Not to spoil the surprise, but there is some testing and show-around.  Check it out.

If you are still reading, I should probably summarize it for you.  This project Ara video gives us a sneak peek at the phone in action, you will see several Ara prototypes in different sizes to better understand the idea of even turning a smartphone into a tablet by buying a bigger screen module and how you can even choose to have two batteries in place of another module that you may not need where you are going.  There’s also some testing of Android on the actual prototype, that’s why it’s cool.

The bottom line is, the guys at Google X labs sure are doing something beautiful in there, and we cannot wait to see what comes out.  For now, the best we can offer you is this older video you should watch if you don’t know much about Project Ara.