Google’s visit to LG’s HQ sparks off Nexus rumors

LG Nexus

Google has reportedly visited LG’s headquarters earlier today, which has raised led some to speculate about the partnership between the two companies. After making two of the best Nexus smartphones, Google and LG could be teaming up for yet another product according to new reports.

It’s not known as to what was on the agenda during the meet, but given that this wasn’t publicized by either company, it is possible that something secret was discussed during the event. This comes after we heard of Chinese manufacturer Huawei producing the next Nexus smartphone, so it’s still too early to jump to conclusions. It’s very likely that Google will contract Huawei for the Nexus smartphone while leaving LG to produce the tablet of the year, which seems plausible given LG’s experience in the tablet industry over the past couple of years.

It is said that the Google delegation which mostly consists of engineers will also visit LG’s display wing and the company’s electrical components division known as Innotek. The future certainly looks bright for Android fans and speculation such as this certainly helps in building the hype.

Source: EToday – Translated

Via: Phone Arena