Google’s Eric Schmidt Being Considered For Obama Administration?

We are in the last 30 days of Eric Schmidt’s reign as CEO of Google. Whether you look at his new position, Executive Chairman, as a promotion or demotion may not matter after all.

Businesseweek is reporting that Schmidt is on the short list of candidates to replace US Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke.  The current secretary has been tapped to fill the role of Ambassador to China. Locke would be succeeding Jon Huntsman who’s resignation as Ambassador to China  is effective April 30th.

During Google’s last earnings call it was revealed that Google co-founder, Larry Page, would move to the CEO position and that Schmidt would take on the newly created Executive Chairman position.  In that position Schmidt was to have more of an Ambassador for Google role.  During a Q&A at MWC last month Schmidt said that his travel schedule would increase rather than decrease while Page ran Google from his office in Mountain View.

Eric Schmidt has been an open supporter of the Obama administration. He was also on the President’s transition advisory board. Schmidt was recently in attendance at a dinner in California for top technology leaders that also included Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg among others.

Pfizer CEO Jeffrey Kindler is also reported as being in the running.

Source: Business Week

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