Google’s Eric Schmidt and Motorola’s Greg Brown Among CEO’s Meeting With Obama Today

President Obama is pulling out all the stops in trying to take America’s economy back.  Last week he held an impromptu press briefing just minutes before the White House Holiday Party. Obama stepped aside and let former President Clinton command the briefing that went on for close to an hour.

Obama also recently announced new economic incentives such as extending Bush era tax cuts and reaching a free trade accord with South Korea.  Today he is going one step further and meeting with 20 of the nation’s top CEO’s. On that list of course is Google’s Eric Schmidt and Motorola’s Co-CEO Greg Brown.  This isn’t a tech or wireless meeting, but rather a meeting of the minds.  CEO’s of Pepsi, Boeing, UPS and more also show up on the list (below)

These CEO’s have their fingers on the pulse of the American citizen and the American consumer.  Eric Schmidt, the reigning CEO of information, went on the campaign trail for Obama in October of 2008 just before the election.

The meeting will be the largest Obama has held with CEO’s of American businesses.  The administration knows that the country will not be able to turn the economy around if the private sector is not on board. In order to do that he needs to pick the brains of these CEO’s with experience with America, in fact, more experience than Obama himself has had.  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said “We are not going to see a sustained economic recovery until we see that it is sparked and led by the private sector,”

Reports say that Obama has already met in private with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Here is a list of the CEO’s in today’s (Wednesday) meeting:

Greg Brown, co-CEO, Motorola, Inc.

John Chambers, chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems Inc.

Kenneth Chenault, CEO, American Express

Dave Cote, chairman, president and CEO, Honeywell International Inc.

Scott Davis, chairman and CEO, UPS

John Doerr, partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Mark Gallogly, managing partner and co-founder, Centerbridge Partners

Lew Hay, chairman and CEO, NextEra Energy

Jeffrey Immelt, chairman and CEO, General Electric

Ellen Kullman, CEO, DuPont

John Lechleiter, president and CEO, Eli Lilly

Andrew Liveris, president, CEO and chairman, Dow Chemical

James McNerney, chairman, president and CEO, Boeing

Indra Nooyi, chairman and CEO, PepsiCo

Paul Otellini, CEO, Intel

Penny Pritzker, chairman and CEO, Pritzker Realty Group

Brian Roberts, chairman and CEO, Comcast

Jim Rogers, chairman, president and CEO, Duke Energy

Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO, Google

Robert Wolf, chairman and CEO, UBS Group Americas

Source: Forbes

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  1. Exactly!!! Hypocrisy at it’s best. According to the Chicago Tribune they’re gearing up to send another 60 jobs from Schaumburg and NY to poland(??). That’s on top of the 30 jobs they sent to Mexico last year. Unbelievable.

  2. Since Motorola continues to lay people off and send the jobs out of country, specifically China, I can’t say I’m pleased with this announcement.

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