Google’s Andy Rubin A True Team Player

Andy Rubin, VP Mobile Platforms, File Photo: LLC

SAI is reporting that when Google shipped their first Android device, the G1, Andy Rubin received a multi million dollar bonus.  So what does an engineer with a pedigree in mobile do with millions of dollars from Google? He reportedly shared it with the entire team of 100 or so that worked on Android and the G1.  Members of the Android team all received bonuses from Rubin ranging from $10,000 dollars to $50,000.

Another instance that shows Rubin’s true team spirit is in bringing the original Danger team back together under the Google umbrella.

Everyone heard Larry Page briefly recount how he met Andy Rubin in 2005.  He met Rubin while Danger was actually operating out of old Google offices in Paolo Alto CA.  According to Page Rubin had novel ideals about bridging the mobile world together. It was that vision that jump started Android.

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It was a similar vision that put Andy Rubin, Joe Britt and Matt Hersherson together with Mattias Duarte at Danger.  Danger was the company that released the “Hiptop” which quickly became the iconic “Sidekick” rappers, celebrities, models and business people alike signed up for the sidekick in droves.

After Rubin left Danger and went to Google, Danger was absorbed by Microsoft.  Duarte left for Palm/HP to work on WebOS and Hersherson and Britt stayed on at Microsoft for a short time. Fast forward to this year’s Google I/O and both Britt and Hersherson were presenting in front of the thousands and Google’s development conference. About a year earlier Duarte had also joined Rubin’s team at Google.

As Google embarks on their newest crusade with Motorola, it’s great to know that Android isn’t just about open it’s about team.

Source: SAI