Google/Motorola Having Way Better Luck With The Government Than AT&T/T-Mobile

The Wall Street Journal reported early Thursday morning that sources close to the Google/Motorola merger and the United States Department Of Justice, have confirmed that the Google/Motorola merger is slated for approval next week.

Of course the merger still has a little time to be met with opposition from antitrust enforcers in the United States and abroad, however at this juncture it seems that won’t happen.

As we all know to well those same antitrust enforcers were strongly opposed to a deal proposed in March of last year for AT&T to buy T-Mobile.

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Enforcers in this case may just want to make sure that Google will license Motorola’s treasure trove of patents fairly and protect the integrity of the patent system. It’s been long thought that the purpose of the merger was actually the patents before the hardware.

Google said when they announced their intent to purchase Motorola, that they would operate it as a separate unit and that Motorola would remain in the Chicago area suburb of Libertyville Illinois where thousands work.

It’s unclear who the Motorola unit would report too, whether it be directly Larry Page, Sergey Brin who is in charge of special projects or Google’s mobile head Andy Rubin who doses have hardware design experience from his first venture, Danger which made the world famous, Hiptop/Sidekick.

It was widely rumored last week that current Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha would be out after the merger. Taking his place would be Google’s own Nikesh Arora.

The definitive plans for Motorola, post Google merger should be laid out in the coming weeks, if the merger gets approved next week.

source: WSJ via Phonearena