Google Voice Number Porting Is Live (For Some)

The one enhancement most Google Voice members have been waiting for is number porting.  Currently number porting is available for select members (but the last 25 people we asked show it available) however it’s not available for landline ports or ports from corporate cell phone accounts.

To find number porting login to your Google Voice Account
– Go to settings
– Voice Settings
– Under phones, next to your Google Voice number you will see a link to change or port your number
– Click that link and check to make sure your number is eligible
– Once you determine your existing number is available click through all the warnings
– and then pay your $20 through Google Checkout

and Voila!

There is no word as to when number porting will be available for landlines.  Google told

“We’re continually testing new features to enhance the user experience. For a limited amount of time, we’re making the Google Voice number porting process available to users. We don’t have any additional details to share at this time, but plan to offer this feature to all users in the near future.”

Are you using google voice and want your cell number as your GV number? Harness true ownership of your cell number now by porting your number to Google Voice.  Remember if you port your number from your existing wireless carrier you may be subject to some steep ETFs but in some cases it may be worth it to you to own the cell number you’ve had forever.

Source: Techcrunch

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