Google Updates Drive App For Android And iOS

Through its official blog, Google announced the new updates for the Google Drive app. There is one set of updates for the Android version of the app, and another for the iOS version.

Users of the iOS version may now edit Google documents, a feature which was once only available on the Android version of the app. This is a big improvement considering that just this summer, users of the Google Drive app on the iPhone or the iPad could only read files. Now, however, users can already create documents, edit them, and add some formatting. They can furthermore work with others in collaboration on the document as well as save images and videos from their mobile device straight to the cloud.

Apart from this, iOS users can now view Google presentations on their mobile devices. This includes the ability to access speaker notes and view the presentation in full screen. Swiping to move from one slide to another is also permitted. The update likewise makes possible the creation of new folders as well as organizing existing files into folders via the app.

The Android version, meanwhile, does not have as many feature additions as the iOS version. Creating documents through the Drive app had already been made available to Android users earlier. However, the update now lets users create folders and filter folders to organize their files better. Writing and replying to comments as well as viewing tables in documents has also been introduced. Lastly, the pinch-to-zoom feature to give users a better view of documents has been added.

Google Drive is free to download, and entitles users to 5GB of cloud storage for free with its use. Those who need more space may shell out a fee of $25 per year for each 25GB that they add. It requires a minimum of Android 2.1 or iOS 5.0 to function.

via androidpolice