Google updates Android camera API with RAW images and burst shot support

Google CameraWhile the Android platform excels in almost every department, it has been lagging behind as far as camera performance is concerned. Even the recently announced Nexus 5 was nothing to write home about even though it came with features like OIS (optical image stabilization). Google has now acknowledged the camera issues on the Nexus 5 and has promised to fix it soon with an update.

A spokesperson for the company also mentioned burst mode and RAW images being built into the camera API, so that third party developers can work with it and launch apps supporting these features. Although this won’t bring improvements to the default camera app, it’s enough consolation that users will be able to use these features through third party apps. And since some of these features are hardware dependent, not all devices might support them.

We can expect apps with the ability to take native RAW images and burst shots in the months to follow. These features have been available by default on handsets like the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the LG G2, so it’s nothing new to Android.

Source: CNET

Via: Cult of Android