Google unveils free ad-supported version of Play Music

Play Music Logo

With Apple Music set to take the world by storm, Google has decided to cash in on the demand by launching a new free tier of Play Music, which is supported by ads. This will only offer playlists though, thanks to Google’s acquisition of Songza, and differs from the on-demand model of Apple Music.

But that’s not much of a concern since Play Music boasts of over 30 million songs in its library, so it’s right up there with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music as far as content is concerned. You have a wide range of expert curated playlists on offer, so you can pick the best depending on your liking. Since this is a free version, there will be no offline playback of music either.

Google hopes that this will offer users the perfect stepping stone to the paid version of Play Music. And as people wait for Apple Music’s official June 30 release, they can try out Play Music in the meantime. Note that this is a U.S. only offering for the meantime, which is a disappointment for people living elsewhere.

Via: The Verge