Google TV Live: Sony Internet TV Liveblogging Continues

6:00PM Shows over its playtime

5:55PM Where and When: Preoders now. On Shelves at Sonystyle stores this weekend and at Best Buy starting the week of October 24

5:53PM Matt Seymour is demoing Google TV, video forthcoming

5:49PM Sony Internet TV will allow you to watch football and your favorite fantasy football site at the same time on the same screen

5:48PM Qriocity

5:46PM In early 2011 Android Market will be accessible via Sony Internet TV with Google TV

5:46PM: Bookmarks, you can bookmark your favorite content including shows, sites, apps etc

5:45PM Mike Abary shows off the Remote

5:45PM Unique Remote:

5:45PM Blu Ray pricing $399

5:43PM The Hardware:¬† TVs from 24″ to 42″ ranging from $599-$1399

5:42PM According to Forrester 74% of adults watch videos on the internet.

5:41PM Mike Abary: Now we have fatter pipes in the home which allows for a better experience, more capability, higher performance. “Watching regular TV and regular apps is so 2009 ”

5:40PM Unveiling of the Sony Internet TV Mike Abary SVP of Sony unveils the Sony Internet TV

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