Google TV Executive drinking the Steve Jobs Fruit Punch

At an opening day event at Steaming Media’s “Streaming Media West Conference”, in Los Angeles yesterday, someone attributed the inspiration to Google TV as being Apple’s iPhone. That someone was Google TV Product Lead, Rishi Chandra.

While talking about the concept of Google TV, Chandra brought it back to the mobile space last year and how everyone was trying furiously to package the world wide web in to m. or mobile optimized sites. According to Chandra, overall that effort was failed.  Apple was smart enough to see that early on and successfully attempted to throw out the m. box and offered as much of the web as they could (barring flash) on the iPhone.

Although Google developer’s themselves, spearheaded by Andy Rubin’s Android team, have taken that concept to the next 10 levels, Chandra’s point was that Apple, via the iPhone, saw that the being boxed in by m. wasn’t the route to go.

Google TV, verses it’s predecessors like Web TV, is offering the entire experience of the Web (minus the three big networks ABC, CBS and NBC) in the living room on your TV. Apple’s refusal to optimize the web for mobile, and let it all hang out, is the root to the Google TV experience. By allowing developers and content providers the chance to use sites, apps, and experiences designed for the full web, on the TV via Google TV,the overall experience is by far more robust.

Now Chandra hasn’t drank the entire cup of Jobs’ fruit punch as he acknowledged that Android is the backbone of Google TV. He went on to add that the openness behind Android’s very successful mobile strategy is what will make Google TV successful. “If you open source the platform, then all of a sudden you’re bringing the entire industry, the entire ecosystem on your side” Chandra said.

Google TV has been faced with some hard issues at launch. CBS, ABC, and NBC have decided to block content via their web portals to previously broadcast episodes, archive episodes and interactive pieces designed for the web. Don’t get this twisted though all 3 networks are very much accessible via Google TV’s traditional broadcast element of the service.

It is our general feeling that as Google TV catches on, these three networks will see the benefit of adding their interactive website content to Google TV. Fox, has decided to allow access to it’s internet site. Fox, which has become the 4th largest network, and at times more watched then some of the traditional big 3, by taking risks. Cops, The Simpsons and American Idol are just a few programming decisions by Fox, which seemed risky at the time.

After the Google TV ecosystem has caught on, and developers are full on developing for Google TV you should be able to see interactive infomercials, where as you can just click the TV and execute an order. Interactive game shows with massive at home audiences are also in the works. Google TV should also bring a new element to reality TV voting ala voting at home via the remote control for this weeks contestants on American Idol.

As staunch Android supporters we do sometimes forget that there were some things in the mobile experience that Apple did pioneer. Kind of like how IBM and Toshiba spearheaded the laptop and well no one buys either anymore…

source: GigaOM and thedroidguy

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