Google To Open 2012 Google IO Registration At 7AM PDT March 27th


Developers of all Google products, especially.Android have been waiting patiently for Google to announce when they would start registration for Google I/O 2012.  Google announced today that registration opens on March 27th at 7am PDT (10AM Eastern)

There is also a hike in the price to $900 which is still relatively affordable compared to other developer centric conferences.  As with years past you’ll get every amount of bang for you’re buck. Our friends at have quoted one Google insider as saying this years conference will be “insane“.

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We are expecting to hear the next official name for the next version of Android.  We are also expecting a sneak peak at the Google Glasses everyone has been talking about.

Google is expected to announce some kind of integrated home entertainment system. That system is expected to show off the entire harnessed power of the new Google Play.

Remember folks the registration page opens at 7am Pacific time.  Last year’s conference sold out in under an hour.