Google smartwatch to have touchpad wristband?


Finally, we have some concrete evidence of a smart Watch from Google. Since the information about potential smart watches from Apple and Samsung were leaked, we were kind of hoping that Google would bring out their version too. Looks like, we were right and with this news, we can safely say that the company is working on their own version of a smartwatch.

google smartwatch


The Mountain View Company recently filed a patent application with USPTO for a smartwatch like device but with some different functionality. The patent application shows us that the device would have standard smartwatch functions like a processor, display and wireless transceiver. But thing that makes this smartwatch different from its competitors is the touchpad (like the ones seen on Google glass) on its bezel and side straps. This means that instead of having a touch screen display, we would be seeing a touch screen wristband!

Sounds weird right? We have been used to a touchscreen display for the past few years and now Google is working on a touch screen wristband? But thinking about it, we feel this may be a brilliant move by the company. Traditional smart watch displays are pretty small, so it would be hard for you to use touch on it. Using touch on the side straps would take some time to get used to but given that these wristbands are lying idle without any use, you could really utilize the large real estate of the side straps to perform almost all touch functionality like pinch to zoom, scroll etc.

Although the idea sounds good on paper, we would really like to see how the company integrates touch on the bezel and the straps and how good the touchpad will be as compared to other devices. We are sure, we would get more details soon so stay tuned for more information on the Google smartwatch.

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