Google Search and Play Music will start displaying lyrics

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#Google has teamed up with popular lyrics licensing group LyricFind to start showing lyrics on Google Search results as well as the Play Music app. While this will be a key tool in helping users understand the true meaning of their favorite songs, it will also aid in music discovery, LyricFind’s statement mentions.

We’re happy to expand the depth and quality of lyrics available on Google’s services,” says LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne. “We’re working together to make lyrics available to a larger audience in a faster and more efficient way.”

Lyrics are usually found online on third party sites. But LyricFind is perhaps the only company out there that pays royalties to companies and song writers for using their lyrics. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone as users get to experience lyrics at no cost and the people who own the lyrics get compensated fairly based on the number of views their lyrics get.

The feature should soon be implemented on Search and Play Music.

Source: LyricFind

Via: GSM Arena