Google Rolling Out Android Market Update With Books And Movies

Google has announced on the official Google blog that the newest version of Android Market is rolling out to Android devices running 2.2 and higher.  The new Android Market update brings out Google Books and Google Movies to the masses.

The Android Market now allows you to rent movies for $1.99 directly to your phone, tablet or the web via your Google account. This service was originally announced at Google IO back in May. With Google’s Video App you can start watching movies instantly or have them download to your Android device so that you don’t need an internet connection to view them.

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The new update to the Android Market will also bring Google Books to Android phones running Android 2.2 or higher.  Google Books debuted in Honeycomb for tablets.  Google Books, like videos and apps, allows you to purchase books via your Google account and read them on any device of your choosing. Google Books also keeps your place so you can start a book on your phone and finish it on your tablet.

This Android Market update also adds discovery enhancements. The Android team has added more charts and collections of apps like Editor’s Choice and staff picks.  The new Android Market update should hit your phone shortly.  No word on if there are any changes to the Honeycomb Android market, although I’d love to be able to view it in Portrait mode.

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  1. I did.the phone update and now have google books and movies on my phone but the market is the same? Ive got an incredible 2

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