Google refutes rumors of Chrome OS and Android merging

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There was talk recently that #Google would be looking to merge #Android and #ChromeOS by 2017. Having heard this report countless times on the internet over the weekend, Google has now uploaded a lengthy post explaining their stance on the matter. The company has categorically mentioned that Chrome OS will remain to function independently for the foreseeable future with no plans of merging it with Android anytime soon.

Google is clearly quite confident about the potential of Chrome OS, which is understandable given the strides it has taken in the notebook segment. While in theory, it made complete sense to merge Chrome and Android (well, most of us want it to happen), it’s good to see Google making its stance pretty clear on the matter.

Google also took this opportunity to mention that Chromebooks are the highest selling laptops on Amazon, thus justifying its decision to stick with Chrome OS. While it might be a possibility that the two might merge sometime soon, we can rule it out for the foreseeable future.

Source: Google For Work