Google Reader officially laid to rest


Google Reader is no more, the RSS reader has been officially laid to rest, as Google looks to the future. They announced the closure of Google Reader about a month ago, but it came with a massive backlash, users went to Twitter to hashtag the service off, with RIP Google Reader hitting the top of the worldwide trends for a few hours.

Google said they simply could not sustain and make money from Google Reader and want to place their efforts in other areas that interest them, like self-driving carsaugmented reality glasses and WiFi balloons. The Internet weeped for a few minutes, with seven years of Google Reader about to end.

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This is not all bad news though, Google Reader’s death may have invigorated millions to try RSS again or for the first time, but on new platforms like Feedly and Reeder. We have started to see big Internet companies like Digg and AOL build their own readers just before Google Reader is axed and we may even see Facebook step in.

RSS has been a vital part to many peoples lives, especially journalists and bloggers who consistently check for breaking news and popular stories. While Twitter, Flipboard and Facebook may give a new way to check the news, many still love the old design of reading news.