Google+ profile images will soon be merged with Android cellphone numbers

KitKat Dialer

Google is known for its integrated services like Drive, Gmail, Google+ and many others. And the best part about owning an Android device is that users are interconnected to all these services, this creating a Google ecosystem. And to further broaden this, Google will bring a new caller ID feature in 2014 which will hook up an Android user’s phone number with his/her Google+ account, which means that users will be able to see their friends Google+ profile images while making calls, granted that their number is linked with the Google+ account. This will basically save your friends the trouble from finding a dedicated image for you as Google+ will do its thing all in the background.

As this will potentially raise some privacy concerns among the users, the feature can be easily disabled from Google settings. This is one of the many features that Android 4.4 KitKat will offer. There’s no specific time frame given for the rollout of this feature, but it is being said that it will arrive some time in early 2014.

Source: +Attila Bodis (Google+)

Via: The Verge