Google Play Services being updated to version 4.1 with some new features

Google Play Google Play Services is receiving an update to version 4.1 which brings a few features to the table. Starting with Google Play Games, the update will bring a new turn-based multiplayer system which will allow the addition of up to 8 players. Game data and progress of the players is immediately uploaded via Play Services and made public to all friends involved. Also new is the addition of a new transition animation when Google Play services asks for a sign in during games. This isn’t a major change, but will be immediately noticeable as most games require users to sign-in.

Other changes include the ability to access the Google Drive API which will allow apps to read/write data so that your content remains synchronized across all devices and on the web version of Drive. Google mentions that these files can be accessed offline as well, which is good news. Google also announced increased support for Google+ sharing within apps, with better searching of phone and Google+ contacts to share content with.

Google also had something for ad publishers on Android as it announced the availability of DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Search Ads for Mobile Apps with the new Google Mobile Ads SDK. This also comes with improved location based ads which will increase the efficiency of ads. So it’s a pretty big update, but it will probably go unnoticed if you’re a standard user and not a developer. Google should finish rolling out the update in the coming weeks.

Source: Android Developers

Via: Talk Android