Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 Disappears


In a not so surprising move, the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 has quietly disappeared from the Play Store. It has been out of stock for several months and is based off last year’s original S4, so it was due to be removed eventually.

What is surprising however, is the lack of a Google Play Edition Galaxy S5, which has had evidence of its existence come and go on the Play Store over the last few months. Neither Google nor Samsung have made any comments on its existence or not, which does propose an interesting question.

For the moment, the only two Google Play Edition devices left are the HTC One (M8) and the Moto G. The M8 on the Play Store is obviously different from the Sense-totting model that HTC and the carriers sell across the globe, but the Moto G is almost stock in its original form.

Besides rumors of a Google Play Edition Galaxy S5, we’ve also seen Android Silver being mentioned. According to those rumors, it’s a program that could possibly replaced the Nexus lineup in favor of higher-end phones with stock Android possibly being sold through the carriers.

Especially coupled with the fact that one of the Google Play Edition devices is a low-end model that is close to stock anyway, it has to be said that the future of Google Play Edition devices is a mystery. But for now, both the Moto G and HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition devices are still available for sale on the Play Store.

Source: Google Play via 9to5Google