Google Play Becoming a Haven for Malware Developers

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Mobile hackers are now making the Google Play as their haven in spreading malware on Android phones. A report from ITNews has revealed that there are malware developers who are allegedly trying to buy accounts in the Google Play store at the rate four times higher than the original price of $25. This is for the purpose of attacking some Australian and New Zealand banks in order to steal information and bypass the authentication procedures implemented by the companies.

The online Trojan is one of the most deceitful malware that circulates today in any Android device. This intends to steal passwords in any virtual accounts for the purpose of transferring money from the target. According to the F-Secure, the Eurograbber became known in Europe as it stole over $US47 million from the European Investors.  Moreover, an unwanted subscription can also be encountered when the shady SMS-sending practices get to your device.

Today, there are almost 70,000 of games and applications in the marketplace. Unluckily, 79% of the Android operating system is now invaded by malware. A doubled number of threats have been detected in the fourth quarter of the year. Almost 96 various malware threats were discovered that are all pretty destructive in the operating system of any gadget.

This year, the Commtouch, one of the security online vendors, announced that around 178,000 software with malware threats are being sold in the Google Play store. But this is actually a good sign as the figure signifies a 16% total drop compared to the 214,000 malware-rigged programs discovered last December 2012.

Android phones are now taking its place in the market. Likewise, malware programs are getting bigger in number. To all users, you can prevent hitches by securing your information and data especially on your banking and messaging preferences and passwords. Make sure that you also have the best antivirus software in your mobile device.

Source: ITNews

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  1. Well, you can use Norton, Avast, AVG or Lookout for this purpose. You can also use Zoner, Sophos or Comodo if you are not sure with the first ones.

    However, let me remind you that this is not a guarantee that you will always be protected. It may help prevent most attacks, but not all, as some good hackers always find a way to exploit the vulnerabilities of these tools. Also, there is no protection for a user sharing his or her personal information to an unsecured source.

    Then, let me add that common sense or proper discretion should always be used when downloading apps. If you are not sure about an app or it looks suspicious in character, do not get it or even share your personal details to it.

  2. .
    “Make sure that you also have the best antivirus software in your mobile device.”

    And which antivirus software is that?

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