Google Pixel phones to get double tap to wake feature soon

Google Pixel - Official

#Google will apparently roll out the ability to wake up your #Pixel phones using a double tap gesture on the screen, something that most modern day smartphones can already do. This might seem like a long overdue feature, but we feel it’s better late than never.

The Pixel and the Pixel XL are yet to be commercially available and the feature will not be available by default when the devices reach the customers. Instead, it will be made available in the form of a kernel update shortly after the phones are released in the markets.

This was confirmed by a developer, so the info is coming from a legitimate source here.¬†Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline on when the feature will be officially rolled out, but expect Google to waste no time in sending out this update to its two new beloved smartphones. The Pixel and the Pixel XL replace the Nexus phones and are the first “Made for Google” devices.

Source: Reddit

Via: Android Headlines