Google Opens Registration for… Code Jam 2012


While everyone is, waiting with baited breath for 7am March 27th Google took a little time today to open registration for another big developer event, Code Jam 2012.

Code Jam is an event where developers of all ages and all kinds battle it out online to solve algorithmic problems by coding.

Last year’s winner Makota Soejima had to solve problems like, building a house for kittens, serve food to hungry mathematicians, escape from a shady casino and help Goro control his anger.

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Of course all these crazy tasks didn’t go without reward. During the competition Google narrows the field down to the 25 best developers.¬† Those 25 developers go to Google’s New York offices to battle it out head to head for a grand prize of 10,000 dollars.

This years qualification round begins April 13th and the final round in New York takes place July 27th.

Source: The official Google blog