Google officially shutting down Chrome Notification Center

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#Google #Chrome Notification Center is quite a handy tool which lets users keep a tab on notifications from extensions and other tools that they have installed on their browser. The Mountain View giant has now announced that this feature will be shut down soon, citing lack of interest among existing customers.

As of now, Google hasn’t specified as to when the Notification Center will disappear, but it could well be a gradual process. Developers have been advised to modify their apps so that notifications are no longer directed towards the Notification Center.

It is hoped that Google offers an alternative option to this so that users who are currently relying on the service are not left in the dark. While it might not make sense to a lot of users, Google’s decision to cease development of the service altogether is understandable, especially since there aren’t a lot of users out there.

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Source: Chromium Blog

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