Google offering three months of HBO Now with the purchase of a Chromecast


Keeping the holiday spirit in mind, #Google is offering a nice little promotion for buyers of the #Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra. Users who purchase either of them from now until the 24th of December will get three months of HBO Now subscription for free, letting you access a myriad of original content. The promotion comes at the right time and the added incentive could push potential customers to look towards the Chromecast if they’re shopping for a multimedia setup at home.

The Chromecast Ultra will be favored by many given that it supports 4K streaming by default. HBO Now includes shows like Game Of Thrones, as well as the recent sensation Westworld. So there will be no dearth of original programming to enjoy and binge watch once you get the three months subscription.

With the holiday season upon us, we expect a lot of deals and promotions to follow over the coming days.

Source: Google

Via: Talk Android