Google Now comes out on top against Siri and Cortana in a massive question test

Google Now Cortana Siri

There have been innumerable comparisons between Siri and Google Now in the past. But with the recent arrival of Cortana for Windows Phone, the game has changed somewhat. And with iOS receiving a major refresh with iOS 8, it’s only fair to assume that things have changed substantially.

And the folks at Stone Temple Consulting have now tested the three voice assistants in a massive voice questions test where over 3,000 queries were asked to see which one comes out on top. And unsurprisingly, Google Now commands has excelled by a long margin with Siri coming in at a distant second and Cortana rounding off the third spot. The nature of the questions asked were diverse, ranging from “what did the fox say” to “how tall is the Mount Everest”.

You can check the brief excerpt of the results in the video below. The full results have been published on Stone Temple Consulting’s homepage. Google Now was unveiled after Siri, but has still managed to take the crown as the best mobile voice assistant going around. Cortana is still new to the scene and has some catching up to do, although it’s pretty decent for a relatively new voice assistant.

Source: Stone Temple

Via: 9to5Google