Google Now Allowing Android Developers 4GB In App Expansion Files

Since the beginning of Android, developers were restricted to a 50mb file size for apps. Now 50mb is a huge app however with screen sizes getting bigger, resolutions getting better and processors getting faster there are some app developers who want to take advantage of all that extra real estate.

Google’s Android team has announced that they are keeping the initial app size to 50mb however developers can now submit up to two expansion files for their games or apps that can be up to 2gb each. Not only that but the Android Market will host those expansion files.

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Game developers like Glu Mobile are notorious for having humongous game expansion files, however to my knowledge they’ve never had one over 2gb. Before this change to the Android Market, Glu has had to house those expansion files on their own servers. There’s no telling if Glu in particular will move to hosting their expansion files through the Android Market, but they can.

This new policy will also pacify the worries of some Android users who aren’t accustom to going out of the Android Market for expansion files. With Google’s “Bouncer” in place they can feel a certain level of security that even the expansion files are safe.

According to this post on the official Android developers blog, the expansion files will download with the original app. Not only that but the refund window won’t start until the application and it’s expansion files have downloaded completely.

Here are some of the main points from Google’s announcement Monday:

  • Each app can have two expansion files, each one up to 2GB, in whatever format you choose.
  • Android Market will host the files to save you the hassle and cost of file serving.
  • Users will see the total size of your app and all of the downloads before they install/purchase.

source: Android Developers Blog