Google Nexus 5/Android 4.4 Intro: What Could Happen, What Should Happen, What Will Happen

As an unapologetic (God, I just can’t get enough of that word) admirer of everything that has to do with Google (even the movie “Internship”), I always set my bar of expectations extremely high ahead of Nexus and/or Android announcements.


And more often than not, I end up disappointed. Not that Big G tends to disappoint, after all last year’s Nexus 4 was pretty spectacular, but the fantasy and reality are physically impossible to connect. You know, since imagination has no limits and mobile software and hardware development… does.

Yet I always find the strength to start over, most of the times with growing enthusiasm, I again build my prospects, go about my daydreaming and fantasizing and I think you can guess the ending. But not this time.


This time I’ve decided to create three scenarios. One excessively optimistic, one realistic (or so I reckon) and a third encompassing all possibilities. Well, most possibilities at least, because otherwise I’ll end up writing 3,000 words and driving each and every one of you away from The Droid Guy for all eternity.

Are you ready to rumble? Here it goes:

Nexus 5/Android 4.4/Nexus 10 2014 intro – everything that could happen

To fully cover my bases, let’s kick it off with the scenario exploring virtually all possibilities. First up, we’d have a Nexus 5. A Nexus 5 that could be as budget-friendly as its forefather or a little pricier. And an N5 chaperoned or not by an LTE-enabled N4.

In terms of specs and features, we’ve tackled most potential Google master plans, in relation to everything from display size and resolution to processing power to RAM, battery and camera. So let’s not regurgitate the stories that are well implanted in your minds already.


Instead, let’s move on. To two other pieces of hardware and a piece of software that might all land on October 28 or around that date. Granted, it’s unlikely to see the entire quartet debut in the spotlight at the same time, since, well, they’d steal the limelight away from one another.

But again, this is the all-including scenario, so for the sake of discussion let’s add the 2014 version of the Nexus 10, Android 4.4 KitKat and… Google “Gem” smartwatch in the mix. The first is likely to be co-manufactured by Asus, not Samsung, with very little known in the specs department.


Android 4.4 is a near guarantee for this month’s press event, especially following Nestle’s Twitter hints, and finally the “Gem” is a relatively new presence in the rumor mill, but a fairly strong one, as countless “rock-solid” sources claim development is quite advanced.

Nexus 5/Android 4.4 unveiling – what should happen

Just to be clear, the “should” is a fanboy’s “should”, as in what should happen for Google to finally make me fully happy. Obviously, that would entail from the get-go an avalanche of new products. All four mentioned above (maybe save for the “Gem”, I don’t really care about that), plus even one or two extras.


What extras, you ask? How should I know? They’re Googlers, not me, they should always try to innovate, surprise and step things up. Am I being unreasonable? Of course I am, did I not tell you I’m an unapologetic, out of my mind with enthusiasm aficionado?

But to tone it down a notch, let’s say I’d be pretty content with a $300 Nexus 5 rocking a Full HD screen, Snapdragon 800 CPU, OIS camera, 4G LTE and 16 GB of on-board storage (as if), $200 LTE flavor of the N4 (no way in hell), $350 or so new Nexus 10 with most of the same specs, plus a hefty battery, and a new chocolaty Android treat with support for older devices (512 MB of RAM and up), 64-bit CPUs and improved voice activated commands.

Android 4.4

Bonkers wishlist? Full disclosure, I’m not very right in the head when it comes to my gadgets and mobile software.

Nexus 5/Android 4.4 & co. – what will happen

And here goes the realistic, reasonable and rational scenario, based solely on speculation and gut feeling. Number one, we won’t be seeing any Nexus smartwatch go official. Not this month, not the next and hopefully not next year either. Wearable technology is not there yet and Google knows it. Besides, they have Glass to take care of.

As far as the Nexus 5 is concerned, it probably won’t start at $300. $350 is best case scenario and don’t be shocked if you’ll only get 8 GB of on-board storage with it. LTE, too. Other specs will most definitely not include OIS, the exterior won’t be made of metal and this isn’t the year when Nexus devices finally get expandable memory.

Nexus 5 teaser

Android 4.4, meanwhile, is to be the event’s co-star, even if I’m not so sure about 512 MB RAM support or speedy updates for non-Nexus devices. And the UI probably won’t be completely overhauled compared with Jelly Bean’s.

But we should see a lot of focus on marketing, mucho propaganda, KitKats everywhere and so on and so forth. Which is why the second-gen Nexus 10’s unveiling is not a certainty yet. It’s 50-50 if you ask me when it comes to the tab’s odds of debuting by the end of the month.

Android KitKat-2

Don’t get me wrong, the thing is coming and fairly soon. Yet it might not be glitzy enough to share the stage with the N5 and Android 4.4.

Okay, that’s a wrap from me, lovely ladies and kind gents, and now it’s your turn. What is your redonkulous Google wishlist? And realistically speaking, what do you think the search monster will pull out of its hat? 

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