Google launches limited edition Jeff Koons live cases for the Nexus 5X and 6P

Nexus 6P - Jeff Koons

#Google has teamed up with renowned contemporary artist Jeff Koons to bring three new live cases for the #Nexus5X and the #Nexus6P. These live cases feature Koons’ sculptures from the Gazing Ball series. To make the experience even better, Google has released the Live Case Editions app on the Google Play Store, which will let you get more out of your new Jeff Koons live case.

The case isn’t cheap by any measure though and will set you back by $40. However, for the price, you are also getting access to a bunch of exclusive wallpapers that will be updated periodically.

For now though, there are only a few wallpapers to choose from. Google’s official blog post mentions that the cases will be available now through the end of June (assuming the stocks last till then).¬†Needless to say, this is a limited period offering, so make sure you head over to the Google Store to get one for your Nexus 5X or the 6P.

Source: Android Blog, Google Store