Google IO Live: Keynote 1

9:25am Paul Joyce to talk about Google Music

9:25am go to to get the new movies

9:22am Movies will be $1.99 to rent and available for a month.

9:20am: Chris announced Android Market now has movies and books. No mention of music at all

9:19am: Chris is talking about books

9:19am: Chris from the Android Cloud services team

9:18AM going over details of Ice Cream Sandwich

9:15am Ice Cream Sandwich Logo

9:14AM Ice Cream Sandwich announced for Q4 release

9:13AM Honeycomb coming to Google TV and Android Market

9:12am Honeycomb supports game controllers

9:11am Honeycomb enhancements in multi-tasker and widgets including expandable mail widget

9:10am Honeycomb 3.1 coming out today

9:08am pics of Vic earlier

9:07am Glu Mobile’s Gun Bros just got a shot out by Hugh

9:07am 310 Android devices in 122 countries

9:06AM Hugh on stage we’ve activated over 100,000,000 (100 million Android devices)