Google inadvertently confirms the arrival of the GPE Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 GPE

If you head over to the American Google Play Store now, you will be able to see all the GPE devices in the list. However, the listing for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has caught one user’s attention as it has a thumbnail image of the Galaxy S5 instead of the Galaxy S4. This is clearly a mistake from Google or perhaps a clever way of pointing out that a GPE Galaxy S5 is on its way.

The thumbnail shows the Galaxy S5 with the GPE flavor running on top of it, so it’s clearly not a small mix up. However, given that there’s no official word on this particular variant launching from Google or Samsung, we will reserve judgment until it goes official.

The GPE Galaxy S4 and the HTC One went official in June last year with an announcement coming weeks prior to it, so we can expect a similar strategy being followed this year as well. The HTC One (M8) is already available in a Google Play Edition model from over a month now.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Phandroid 

One Reply to “Google inadvertently confirms the arrival of the GPE Samsung Galaxy S5”

  1. Wonder will GPE support all S5 features?
    In particular:
    1. Fingerprint scanner
    2. Multwindow mode
    3. High sensitive “gloves mode”
    4. UHD photos with Google Camera

    I’m guessing, Google will not support this extras. Therefore, decision is as follows, thank you for your crippled GPE, Google.

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