Google Glass shows up on another interview with co-founder Sergey Brin

Google Glass, the latest project that the search engine giant has been making a lot of name for, is one of the best projects around the world and also, one of the best known in the history of modern technology. The company is taking the connected world to a new level of mobility and comfort with the Project Glass. If you are new to this, read on to know what Project Glass actually is.

Google’s Project Glass is one of the new projects that the company is working on. It is a spectacle that is worn on like any other spectacle with two lenses and a frame. But the thing is, the lenses have small displays in them which are controlled individually with the processor that is present in the frame. Yes, that is like a small computer with a brain of its own. The Glass does not only show you images, but it also connects to the internet to show you updates from your Google Plus streams, attend to your requests with maps, or make calls, or even display text messages and emails on the lenses.

The two lenses are controlled separately. For example, if you want to go to a location, the maps app opens up in one of the lenses and the navigation app with the route to that location opens up in the other lense with directions. That is super cool. Do you not think?

Google’s co-found Sergey Brin recently paid a visit to the¬† The Gavin Newsom show where he showcased and explained the project. He also let out facts such as the frame has a touchpad somewhere on it which will be used to control the device with gestures from your finger tips. All this going to be really good when it comes out.

The company is not clear of when the device will be put out to the public. But Sergey Brin hopes that it will be released sometime in the coming year, at least. So let us jut wait in peace.