Google Drive Getting Closer

Last year we started hearing rumblings of a cloud based file service coming out from Google. Google is the master of the cloud with all of the Google Apps and their easy ability to sync to Android devices.

Google is looking to take on competitors like Drop Box, and other cloud based file lockers. Google already has Google Docs for all of your document needs. They also have Picassa for photo cloud storage and Google Music for music storage. Now, with Google Drive you’ll be able to save any kind of file.

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The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that Google Drive could launch sometime in the coming weeks. The Journal is also reporting that at least some of the file storage on the Google Drive cloud will be free. We’re assuming after a certain amount of storage you’ll be able to buy more.

HTC already has a relationship with Drop Box offering 5gb free to HTC phone owners who use Drop Box on their phone and in the cloud. Other Android devices (and HTC too) will be able to access Google Drive and it will probably be with an easy to navigate UI and as easy to sync as every other cloud based service in your Google account.

They haven’t specified when Google Drive will be available outside of Google’s canned “in the coming weeks” response.

source: WSJ via BGR

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  1. Can’t wait.. another great innovation by google.  Hopefully this will be better than “Buzz”

  2. This is a very significant blog.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep up the good job in posting very good topics. 

  3. This seems like a logical move by Google. Hopefully they will open up the Google Music service to users outside the US. 

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