Google Could Launch Touch Based Chromebooks in the Future


Tablets these days are a huge market. But we all know that tablets are an evolution of the standard notebook PC. Manufacturers wanted to interact with the display itself rather than offering a separate layout for keyboards, which is where the idea of the modern tablet was born. In the current era, we have tablets like the Google Nexus 7, the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Microsoft Surface RT and Pro as well as the Apple iPad Mini. But according to emerging reports, we could soon have the Chromebook joining that list as there is talk of a touch based Google Chromebook. Chromebooks as we all know are no hassle computers with no regular apps or games to play with. Instead, everything is based on the cloud so users can make the most of Google’s services that way. In many ways, it’s the ultimate cloud computing machine. And to make something like this a touch only device seems like a great idea.

The current lineup of Chromebooks are sold by Samsung and Acer with Google making sure that it gets enough attention by placing Chrome Stores in Best Buy locations across the country. This however, raises a few questions about the future of Android. While this might not be directly competing with an Android tablet, it goes without saying that the touch based Chromebook will be tagged a tablet and as a result, comparisons will be made. Chrome OS will certainly not have issues working with touch devices, it could possibly be integrated with Android (far, far ahead in the future). Of course, this is just a rough idea and not exactly confirmed details, but if the touch based Chromebook is real at all, then we might have something fruitful to see in the future. We’re already seeing Google hinting users to go for cloud storage services with the arrival of Google Drive and other services in 2012. However, it’s still to be seen when these touch only Chromebooks will break cover. Google will certainly figure out a way to not make it come in the way of its Android tablets, which is currently doing so well in the market.

I cannot quite process the thought of having Chrome OS shrunken into Android, maybe because I’m overthinking it. Either way, touch Chromebooks will be a great idea and something which I feel Google should have done from the start. But since Chrome OS is targeted towards niche markets, we understand why Google keeps a low profile. Chromebook currently runs heavily on Google’s native apps, so it should be fun to see how they are optimized for touch. Getting the developers on board is going to be crucial for Google though, and the company should have no trouble doing that. Perhaps we can see Chrome OS develop into somewhat of a full fledged desktop OS someday.

Source: WSJ
Via: Phone Arena