Google bringing massive discounts to Google Drive subscriptions, 100GB now costs $2/month

Google Drive

Google has just announced massive discounts on its Drive storage subscription prices. The 100GB per month plan which usually costs $5 is now down to $2. The 1TB plan is now down to $10 from $50, which is an 80% discount from the asking price. Customers willing to get extra storage, say for example 10TB or more will have to shell out $100 and $10 for each extra TB that they might require.

Users are still entitled to their 15GB or 25GB of free storage which was provided at the start of the service or as a freebie by some manufacturers. Interested subscribers can head over to the storage settings page from their account to benefit from these discounted prices.

Google perhaps is looking to lure in more customers for its cloud storage service with the likes of Dropbox currently dominating the market. Other rival offerings like Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s OneDrive aren’t too far away either. So the reduction in prices is certainly a nice way to increase adoption among unaware users.

Drive storage can be accessed from practically anywhere on the internet thanks to dedicated applications on Android and every other major mobile platform. So if you’ve been held back by Google Drive due to its pricing before, now might be a good time to give it a try.

Source: Google Blog

Via: Android Police

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  1. $2 per month of 100 GB? That’s a steal, with all the features that come along with the Drive! Wow! That’s a huge discount.

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