Google Books Takes +1 Update With More 7″ Support As Well

The e-reading market is heating up. We have the Kindle Fire reportedly shipping very soon, the just announced Nook tablet and now a Google Books update.

The new Google Books update supports the ability to +1 books that you’re reading. It’s also reportedly fixed book search and flow in both portrait and landscape mode.

The biggest thing in the latest update to Google Books is compatibility for 7″ tablet screens. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus, the new T-Mobile (Huawei) Springboard, and the Acer A100 will all benefit from this update.  Personally I like reading books on a 7″ tablet vs a 10″ tablet because of the weight and the size being closer to a paperback.

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Google Books flows nicely although there are no complaints from me on the Kindle Books app either. I did notice in buying the Steve Jobs book that it was a little cheaper in the Amazon store than Google Books. Same goes for the newest book by John Grisham and a handful of others.

Google is reacting to an increase in the e-reader space.  We often forget that Google has their own e-reader out called the ireader which you can get at Target on par with the other e-readers in it’s class, but right now with both Amazon and Barnes and Noble releasing tablet e-readers, it’s time to make sure the Google Books app is on the same playing field.

source: Android Central

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  1. Thats pretty cool. I like that 7″ update feature. 

    I still think the Kindle is WAY ahead and with the new fire, it going to remain a top player.

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