Google Books Gets First E-Reader, One of “Many” Devices

Google and IRiver have announced a partnership to bring a Google Books e-reader to market.  According to our good friends at, the e-reader will have access to millions of free Google Books along with hundreds of thousands of premium Google Books titles.

Currently Google Books is only available for Android devices.  Google Books made it’s debut with the Motorola Xoom and now it can be downloaded to any device running Android 2.x or better.  Like most e-readers, Google Books allows you to keep your page no matter what device you use for the book. For instance if you start a book on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 you can catch up on your Android phone as well.

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The new device will be called the Story HD and wil release at Target stores this Sunday for just $139.99.  There is no word on whether there will be some form of Android running in the background or if this e-reader will also have access to mp3’s or any other features.  Dan Seifert over at Mobileburn says the device bares a striking resemblance to the first Amazon Kindle.

After testing Nook, Kindle and Kobo, Google Books is of course our favorite, possibly because its a Google product but moreso because it’s a very fluid reading experience and because the free book selection is actually very robust.

At $139.99 the Google Story HD may be worth checking out!

source: Mobile Burn