Google and Nexus team tease Black Friday deals on Twitter

Nexus 5X - Black Friday

#BlackFriday is upon us and companies are announcing deals left and right. #Google however has decided to keep its upcoming deals a mystery with the Mountain View giant resorting to merely teasing the deals and not giving us any conclusive information at this point.

Joining in on the tease is the #Nexus page, which responded to Google’s tweet and mentioned that they’ll have some deals of their own. It goes without saying that Nexus devices will be on showcase this Black Friday week, so we suggest you hold off on any purchases of Nexus products until then.

As for Google’s deals, it’s possible that we’ll see apps, games, movies, music and books on offer for Black Friday. Of course, Google might surprise us all and offer something else entirely, so it would be unwise to have any expectations right now.

Strangely, Google hasn’t even mentioned when the deals will go live, so our only hope is that the company will shed more light on this in due time.

Source: @Nexus, @Android – Twitter